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Rates for Our Specialty Moving Company in Port Huron, MI

BWM is truly here for our customers. We listen carefully to their requests, to ensure that they are happy with our work. Whether we're your home or office movers, moving specialty items, or simply providing equipment shipping, we will always prioritize your satisfaction. For your convenience, we have simple hourly and set-cost rates in place for our specialty moving company in Port Huron, Mi. Please take a few minutes to review them in detail.

Rate Details

The type of rate used is determined by the type of item(s) being moved and the distance traveled. State and federal laws have established guidelines for freight moves, including pricing charts. Hourly rates and set-cost rates are available.

Hourly (Non-Binding agreements)

Hourly rates typically apply to residential moves, but that is not always the case. In fact, these rates apply to any move under 40 miles, unless otherwise documented by BWM and the customer. Our labor only two-man rate is $105 per hour. Our labor with transportation two-man rate is $120 per hour. If more than two specialists are needed, a fee of $50 per hour per additional specialist will be assessed. All hourly rates are charged at a two-hour minimum. Travel time is a factor; jobs begin when our employees leave our location and end upon their return.

Set Cost (Binding Agreements)

A set cost is used for specialty items, or items traveling farther than 40 miles. With specialty items, a set cost is determined by the logistics of the service (i.e. weight, overall value, distance) and is established before the service is performed. Freight pricing is used for deliveries farther than 40 miles apart. This cost is set mileage and the weight of the contents. A recorded weighing will take place at a weigh station with proper documentation during the service, as well as after completion. Rates are then determined based on a set pay scale for each factor. Due to the exact cost being determined by an unknown factor, only a general estimate can be given before service.